Nashville Scene
Nov. 20, 2008

Michael McCall

The veteran Nashville jazz singer drew national airplay and press raves for her recent album Just Groovin’ by tapping into the timeless melodic brilliance of a well-chosen list of pop and rock standards, most from the 1960s. Working with big-band arrangements and assisted by jazz blowers Houston Person and Kirk Whalum, the liquid-voiced Marino reworks familiar tunes like “Baby, It’s You,” “Walking in the Rain,” John Loudermilk’s great “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye,” and “Groovin’,” done as a duet with Felix Cavaliere, whose soulful tenor powered the original Young Rascals hit. A Nashville club favorite in the ‘90s with the Latin jazz-rock band Som Brasileiro, Marino now concentrates on small-combo gigs softly lit with supper-club sophistication.