" A Sleepin' Bee"

John Gilbert

This album offers everything the Jazz cognoscenti could wish for and then some. Diane Marino goes from the fast moving "This Can't Be Love" to the chanson noir sadness of "Don't Misunderstand". The former is done at racehorse tempo with Rusty Jessup's furious Tenor Saxophone and Diane Marino in her very hip mode singing and playing at warp speed. Chris Brown and Frank Marino on Drums and Bass respectively were right on top of the beat and the time was as accurate as the Berlin Express. "Don't Misunderstand" is a study in emotional ascendancy. The depth and richness of this piece carries a strong message of bittersweet proportions. This track is one of the hallmarks of this recording. Marino's vocal skillfully takes us on a journey of loneliness and searching. The ensemble artfully frames a backdrop wholly apropos to the urbanity of Diane Marino's singing. This tune is dark magic, as dusky as a hot southern night. Another vocal narrative of pleasure alloyed with pain is the Nat Adderly / Curtis Lewis penning of ("The Man From) The Old Country" Again Diane Marino weaves a musical tale of despair tinged with the saving grace of memories. The Bass is walking tastefully with a well thought out chorus and The Saxophone masterfully adds color with a splendid soliloquy. Diane Marino's Piano is imbued with the blues on this song and she lays down some muscular changes for good measure. The tunes on this disc have been chosen with care and they are performed with both professionalism and artistic adroitness. This is jazz in its purest form presented in a remarkable tableau of artistic grouping.