" On The Street Where You Live"
Ron Wynn

July 2004

Diane Marino’s not just a fine singer; she’s an excellent pianist, something that gives her a special insight into musical matters. Marino’s playing can be bluesy, sentimental or percussive, and brings some additional presence and style to her new release. She’s also equally accomplished whether doing standards or Brazilian numbers, and she can scat with vigor and abandon. She’s also willing to take chances, as shown with her treatment of Bobby Timmons “Moanin’, the tune that opens the disc. Marino’s alternately sensual, dashing and explosive, never straying so far from the original gospel-tinged sensibility that it doesn’t work, but also giving the lyrics her own flavor and direction. That’s what makes every number special, for even when doing “I Concentrate On You” or the title tune, Marino does much more than just execute the melody line and embellish the lyrics. She gets inside each number, smartly picking the right time to enhance a lyric or the best moment to try something different.

She’s assisted by a fine trio, among them frequently soulful saxophonist Mitch Reilly, who also becomes a soothing, sentimental flutist on occasion. Bassist Frank Marino and drummer Chris Brown are also outstanding in their roles, with Brown constantly switching roles from surging percussionist to rhythmically delicate timekeeper and back to fiery drummer, depending on the situation. Frank Marino provides the section balance, whether smoothly interacting with Brown and Diane Marino’s piano accompaniment or taking his own charged solos. Still, it’s Diane Marino’s fluid, graceful and delightful singing that’s most responsible for this disc’s excellence. Whether doing Brazilian fare, jazz or pop standards, she’s a vocalist with impressive technical skills and plenty of performing charisma.